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Welcome to 4 Dragons Ltd


We are a premier organisor of exciting and spectacular Dragon Boat Racing events in the UK.


Born out of Chinese myth and legend, Dragon Boat Racing is a dynamic, exciting and visually spectacular, team water sport. Dragon Boat Racing takes place all over the world and caters for a wide range of age and ability. It requires no previous experience and above all it is great fun.


Be it for charity fundraising, corporate entertainment, team building activities or youth work, rest assured we have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a tailored event to suit your needs.

As well as offering a new and exciting challenge to participants, Dragon Boat Racing offers a spectacular racing event for spectators as well, cheering on the teams in the close fought racing.


Come and experience the noise, colour, excitement, energy and the challenge or racing with the beating of drums and boats charging down the course. Most of all though, come and experience with us the fun and excitement that is a Dragonboat Racing event.   

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So why not give it a go? Easily picked up, you'll see continued improvement through out a days racing, its open to most age groups (over 10 years of age) and addictive to all!


You too could take part in a highly enjoyable racing experience. Come on, take part in the fun and excitement that is Dragon Boat Racing!


Please take some time to browse through our website, look for the up coming events close to you or contact us directly about tailoring an event to your specific needs.


For further information or details please contact us directly on 0845 002 0112 




All of us at 4 Dragons Ltd would like to congratulate our good friends Rachel Smith and Lin Griesel who succesfully rowed across the Atlantic in aid of Breast Cancer. You can catch up on their amazing adventure at


You can also donate and contact them via their website.


We think Rachel and Lin are 'modern day heroes'!!


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