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 Syd Cottle 

Syd has been involved with Dragon Boats since 1987. Passionate about the sport ever since, Syd has travelled the world competing at two World Championships for the Great Britain Team, raced for prize money in Singapore, and competed in many other international events. Syd has raced consistently at the highest levels in the UK with Amathus Dragon Boat and Canoe Club.


Syd has held the Level 4 coaching qualification of the British Dragon Boat Association (the governing body for the sport in the U.K.) since the mid 1990's, this is the highest coaching qualification within Dragon Boat Racing in the UK. Syd also holds qualifications for Race Official, Chief Official and Race Organiser.


Syd is one of the founding members of Amathus Dragon Boat and Canoe Club and has held the position of Assistant Manager since the late 1990's. One of Syds greatest achievements within Dragon Boat Racing has been leading (from 'stroke') one of the first two dragon boats to cross the English Channel, in aid of the Royal National Institute for the Blind.


As a member of the British Dragon Boat Racing Association and through Amathus Dragon Boat Club Syd has been instrumental in organising Dragon Boat Events since the early 1990's, events which have raised many thousands of pounds for charity and opening the sport up to thousands of people in the process.


Syd loves the fun and team spirit generated within the sport and, when coaching teams, considers his favourite aspect to be motivating and inspiring teams to deliver beyond their perceived performance levels.


In all of the years Syd has been in Dragon Boat Racing he has met thousands of people and has an extended family of friends from across the world within the sport and always follows the maxim 'new faces - new friends!'.


When he is not Dragon Boat Racing Syd holds an honours degree in Building Surveying and during the week is Head of Property Services within the Facilities Management Department of Edge Hill University.


Last and definitely not least, Syd is married to Lisa and they are both doting and loving parents to Zoë ('Two Dots' - to her family and friends) and Heidi.



A photo of Syd in an 'O1', Liverpool Water Sports Centre, 2001.



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