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Health, Safety & Welfare

The health, safety and welfare of our participants, customers, staff and spectators is of paramount importance to 4 Dragons Ltd.

We have a comprehensive health and safety policy, procedures, safe methods of working and generic and risk specific assessments fully complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other associated legislation, regulations, approved codes of practice and health and safety executive guidance notes. 

4 Dragons Ltd. has a positive health and safety culture adhereing to our own comprehensive policies and procedure as well as those of the British Dragonboating Association (BDA) the sports governing body in the U.K. However this does not mean that we are not continuously looking to improve the policies further, far from it. We will always actively seek out further improvements and feed back to further improve the Health and safety performance of its activities.


If you wish to speak to any of our Directors about 4 Dragons Ltd health and safety please contact us on 0845 002 0112



If you wish to view the safety policies and procedures of the BDA then please go to follow BDA information - documents and select from, health & safety, water safety, BDA welfare or safety on the water documents. 


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